Sedation Dentistry

We want all of our patients to be relaxed and comfortable when they come to Ideal Dentistry - especially during treatment. For our patients who struggle with dental anxiety, we offer a choice of either nitrous oxide or light oral sedation:

Nitrous oxide sedation is a great way to allow patients to relax without leaving them drowsy after treatment. Patients under nitrous oxide sedation are fully conscious, but extremely relaxed during procedures.

Light oral sedation patients swallow a small pill to provide stronger sedation than nitrous oxide. This allows us more time to complete multiple treatments in just one visit, while you relax - making difficult trips to the dentist easier and more comfortable than ever. Patients who receive light oral sedation will need a friend to drive them home after treatment.

Since sedation dentistry at Ideal Dentistry is effective and completely safe, trips to the dentist have never been easier! Contact us today for more information about the sedation dentistry options we offer.