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Ideal Dentisry - Technology 2017 (youtube)

Ideal Dentisry - Technology 2012 (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Cardio Health Tips (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Pregnacy Health Tips (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Tobacco (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Womens Oral Health (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Teen Health (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry - Jingle Sing (youtube)

Ideal Dentistry TV Spot 1 (youtube)
30 second introduction to our business, services, and staff!

Ideal Dentistry TV Spot 2 (youtube)
Repair your tooth today with our Cerec® single visit porcelain crown and veneer tooth repair, all in one day!

David Letterman (mp4)
In this video clip, Dave talks about how his dentist approached fixing his cracked tooth the old way — without 1-Day CEREC®.

WJAR NBC 10 clip (wmv)
Providence: The CEREC system is on display in Rhode Island as a dentist creates a crown to help save one of his patient's molars. An hour later, the patient has a renewed and confident smile.

Tony Danza Show clip (wmv)
A dedicated grade school teacher is given a makeover that involves CEREC dentistry. The work was performed by Dr. Mark Morin and focused on decay in her mouth and shifting teeth.

Monster Garage clip (wmv)
Mechanic Craig Jull damaged a tooth while remodeling a vehicle. Dr. Gary Glasband of Long Beach, CA and his CEREC are brought in to restore his tooth in the shop and get him back to work immediately.

Health Journal TV clip (wmv)
Boca Raton: Marketing and Public Relations Manager Michael Dunn took part in a roundtable discussion about CEREC with General Alexander Haig and Lee Culp as they discussed the impact of CEREC and how it will be received in the future.

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.


Radio Jingle (wma)
Radio Jingle for Ideal Dentistry


ABC News Article (link)
For those who fear the dentist, help is here. Sedation dentistry helps patients relax during procedures.